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RJFC Committee 2024

The RJFC is proud to have a fantastic community of volunteers.  Volunteers are the unsung heroes of our Club, and everyone here is a volunteer. 

Being a part of the Club can be a very rewarding experience and we are always after some new faces.

If you would like to become part of the committee, or help out in other ways, we would love to hear from you.

President - Jason Moynihan


Registrar - Krista Harris

Secretary - Krista Harris

Treasurer - Peter Rastogi

Vice President - Daniel Greive


Football Operations - Dave Pescud


Girls Football Coordinator - Sharn Avery

Auskick Coordinator - Matt Williams

Property - Football & Equipment- Travis Miller


Council Liaison - Dale Clark

Property - House & Fridge - Dale Clark

Social Media - Danny Morris

Sponsorship - Lisa Newman

Events - Sue Wilson, Erwin Edlinger

General Members - Jackson Pulford, Adam Sawyer, Dan Collins, Dan Franke, Erwin Edlinger

Immediate Past President - Matt Williams
0416 178 481

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