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Rossmoyne Junior Football Club - Since 1972                                                                               

Ever wondered why the little boy with a dog appears on the front of our yearbook and in the clubrooms?


He's been with the Club since our teams played their first game with RJFC back in 1972. Prior to this, kids who lived in Rossmoyne or Shelley played  with the Riverton Football Club.

The Rossmoyne Junior Football Club was established in 1972 and was allocated the Black and White playing colours by the East Fremantle Football Club Junior Council.


At that time, the "Daily News" was a popular afternoon newspaper, and the Paul Rigby cartoon which featured on the back page, was avidly followed. His cartoons were sometimes serious and sometimes humorous, and always featured a little boy and his dog somewhere in the picture.


Readers would find them first to see what mischief they were up to, before checking to see what the actual message of the cartoon was. The little boy (Rigby's "Urchin" as he was known) was always dressed in a black and white striped jumper, the same as Rossmoyne had chosen.

Paul Rigby (who later moved to one of the largest newspapers in New York) was a friend of the Club's Treasurer at the time. He gave the Club the copyright to use the little urchin as our Club Logo.


Rigby's original painted sketch is on the clubroom wall, as is a wood carving which was done in later years by Peter Skehan.

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